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Dive into Omicsology™

Your “KOTA FACTORY” for the bioinformatics world.​


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Placement opportunities

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Genomics for personalized medicine

The application of genomics is going to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Genome sequencing technologies enable research and demystify genetic diseases and disorders at a rapid pace. With this research program, you will learn the latest technologies and skills required in and by the industry.

Translational research

Clinically relevant projects and working under clinical and translational leaders.

Project experience

Work on scientific projects with world-class scientists as mentors.

Expert guest lecturers

Guest lecturers with extensive experience and research expertise.

Publish papers

A research program structure that leads to publications in scientific journals.


Global placement opportunities for exceptional students.

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Our vision

At Xions, we strive to bring to our students the latest training, helping them gain the latest skills through our curriculum and world-class research faculty. Our faculties, who are actively engaged in the latest in bioinformatics research will mentor the students and involve them in research-based activities. This exposure will lead to global opportunities and excellence in their careers. Our vision is to improve the student's employability by imparting the knowledge that is currently in demand in the job market.

Your “KOTA FACTORY” for the bioinformatics world.​

You will be taught, grilled, trained, challenged, and finally hired?

About the program

This research program genomics for personalized medicine is designed to give research opportunities to our candidates in all theoretical and practical aspects of genomics, applicable to personalized medicine research.

The completion of this research program will ensure mastery of genomics skill sets which will lead to lucrative jobs and further career growth.


Its objectives include:

  • Focusing on cutting-edge technologies.

  • Emphasis on hands-on training.

  • Working on real-life projects.

  • Opportunities for excellent performers to get hired.


If you have a degree in biology and wish to focus on the exciting interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics, then our program in bioinformatics is designed for you.

Digital medicine

  • Computational resources for bioinformatics

  • Cloud solutions for bioinformatics

  • R and Bioconductor

  • Introduction to Python (basic)

  • Introduction to Python (advanced)

  • Introduction to NumPy and pandas

  • Introductory statistics

Mode of instruction and evaluation

  • Interactive session and practical- three days a week (5 hours each)

  • Office hours with scientists- three days a week ( 6 hours each)

  • Guest lectures with skilled scholars, from across the world.

  • 24 x 7 asynchronous access to the faculty.

  • Assessments for and during this program will include assignments, tests, projects, reports, practical work, and publications.

Biology stream

  • Personalized medicine an overview 

  • Introduction to genome structure and function

  • Ethics or ethical aspects of genomic medicine

  • Connecting genomics and precision medicine

  • Clinical trials, clinical studies, therapy design

  • Good clinical practice and human research protection training

  • Next generation sequencing

Research program structure

Phase - I: Junior scientist program

Interactive session


Biology stream (Morning): Theory and practical session

Digital medicine stream (Afternoon): Theory and practical session

Why this program

Why this research program?

This research program will be helpful to bioinformatics students in improving their job prospects and to medical professionals, researchers, and managers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It will build your understanding of the latest technologies which are poised to bring about a revolution in healthcare.

All you need is the knowledge of biology by extension diseases.


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